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Heritage School Events

Summer Game Day Collage.png

Summer School Game Day

Summer School Game Day started in 2009 as a unique opportunity for children to experience games and activities from the 1870's! Thanks to Jean Grade and Fran Fintzen initiating this tradition, hundreds of children have enjoyed Summer School Game Day throughout the years. Since 2014, this fun-filled experience has been offered to all third-graders at the SASD elementary summer school locations. 

Students are divided into three groups and rotate through three activities. Butter-making, painting wooden boats, and traditional 1870's games - stilts, the game of “Graces”, rolling a large hoop with a stick, and baseball the way it was played in the 1800's - all provide the participating children with a window into the past. During inclement weather, marbles and jacks are also offered indoors.

This fun summer school activity could not be offered without the dedication of the coordinator, many faithful volunteers, and the help of summer school teachers. Thank you!

Summer Open House 

Heritage School is open to the public on most Tuesdays from Noon - 3:00 p.m. during summer. Look in The Beacon to find the dates we are open, or call (920) 459-3512 for more information.

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